Friday, July 29, 2011

Bershka chooses to 6 bloggers to design a unique t-shirts

Bershka bloggers shirts

Put a blogger in your life and takes everything with it. Bershka not want to be less than the other brands in their environment and has a new line of shirts designed by six known fashion bloggers will release on 10 August. In total, six shirts quite peculiar.

Before we had Bershka Mango and H & M , among other brands with similar initiatives. If you think we see better images of each shirt with their design and price as this is more comfortable.

T-shirts bloggers to Bershka

Bershka Polo

Gerard's blog Estadella Icanteachyouhowtodoit a nightlife photographer who chooses a basic two-color design for 19.99 euros.

Miranda Makaroff Bershka T

Miranda Makaroff, daughter of designer Lydia Delgado and versatile as it air we see her doing one job or another. To choose a funny shirt design comic series by Yankee b 12.99 euros.

T Fashionisima Bershka

Ariadna Ferret blog Fashionisima , active mind where the scene is to fashion blogger, who prefers to join the heads of animal prints and even fringe. For 15.99 euros.

Bershka Frida Johnson

Frida Johnson , one of the most coquettish streetstylers and followed today's blog by Frida Fyndigt . She chooses a design that reminds me very much like a cover of Four Tet (and a painter whose name I never remember) but even more blurred. For 15.99 euros.

Katja T Besrhka

Katja comes from Germany, another blogger Bees and Ballons not lose a soiree 'fashion. Hilarious t-shirt with its unique King Kong 12.99 euros. A shirt designed for men, according to the firm itself.

Bershka T

And to top this multiculturalism Japan lacked a face made ​​by Mademoiselle Yulia Blog Honeyee , a Japanese who also sings, makes jewelry, is a model ... a little of everything going. His jersey is the most colorful of the class for 17.99 euro.

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