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Bershka Fall Winter collection development 2011/2012: a crazy mix of trends

Bershka progress 2011/2012 Autumn-Winter

It is clear that there is not only a trend but a thousand . Not only in handbags but in all brands, especially those aimed at a mass audience such as Bershka.

Inditex firm gives many clubs (some blind) with a view to teach its new trends on the occasion of the Autumn-Winter 2011/2012. In this process we can find many styles as opposite as an animal print body or an attempt by a sophisticated set palazzo pants. Do not expect to find a logic to this.

Punk-rock style to infinity ...

I do not remember how many times I will have already spoken in recent seasons punk-rock style. It's like the military style for the fall or the sailor in the summer. It's there now and when you least expect it manifests.

This season comes to a close approximation to Glam, the 70's explosion of brightness, while the explosion of Punk remember about 1975, post-glam power and in many cases related groups such as New York Dolls .

Key: PVC or leather leggings that toasty warm, jackets of the same style (but beware of the material here, which is good to note), T-shirts with American and British air also worth bands, etc..

Bershka Fall body

Apart from all this verbiage is this body for 9.99 euros. Just seeing the picture and says it all.

The innocent Bershka

Look Bershka Fall 2011

Bershka for me is usually not the brand synonymous with "innocent" in style in clothing, something more related to Kling and his clothes. But going into this season looking to boost the style college and university jackets step up those who have worked so poorly this season.

Bershka miniskirt

Believe is our best way Bershka this style or think it's crazy. As neurons continue to process such information see the brand of Inditex a taste for British-style this season. This skirt will be successful. Even if in a different color and model, but of equal length, the success would also be insured. For 22.99 euros.

Coat Bershka

We speak English style and therefore we must seek the Prince of Wales print. After finding this shelter, more like Massimo Dutti and Zara Trafaluc, we can expect any outfit. For 59.99 euros.

Bershka Bag

They could not miss such fashion handbags that are unlike any that we see on the street between streetstylers nowadays. Not appear. ... At least it's not cheap: from 17.99 euros.

Navajo come to me

Maxi cardigan Bershka

Among the school guitars and notes the tendency of Navajo comes out. It catches us again, not only because we have repeated several times , but because the pattern in previous seasons tribal or ethnicwas also very fashionable. This maxi cardigan with fur for 39.99 euros.

Navajo Bershka Bag

Large bags as if they were bottomless bags are about 22.99 euros.

Bershka ... everything becomes less Bershka

Palazzo Besrhka

Ak see this picture I think in all but Bershka. It shows how since Inditex still want to drive change of image for the Spanish brand. Palazzo pants in turquoise an impressive size combined with a strapless top and geometric. It lacks detail to the look, the hair jacket included.

Bershka necklaces

Even in this new image we necklaces.

Animal print Bershka

Although we will always print animal trousers (for 12.99 euros) to set foot on earth and think that they are in Bershka.

Bershka vintage

That look from vintage and groupie of the 70 groups as The Rolling Stones and David Bowie (best not to give specific names) seems to be in groups whose incorporation hairy puzzles. Total Texan look, even with braces, and plasma, there's the icing. Same thing with the shoes in pink gum. The horror picture in a few centimeters.

Coat Bershka

To do this we will have these garments fur coat which grandmother.

Bershka Pants

A combined with straight pants with zippers including very retro.

Bershka Vest

Aside from all that I find horrible, I'll take this vest is also true for the Navajo and passing trend to continue with the crochet this summer.

Bershka Minidress

This fringed mini-dress is not my weakness. For 19.99 euros.

In Jared | Bershka Spring-Summer 2011

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