Friday, July 29, 2011

The book of fashion week: Mulberry, the book


The British brand of handbags most sought between it girls, Mulberry, told in a book for its fortieth anniversary, a summary of these years of success.


Described as a "labor of love" for the brand's creative director, Emma Hill, Mulberry: TheBook is not serious and distant a summary of the history of the company, but a look inside the magical world of the brand, 480 pages illustrated with full of crowd scenes, experiences and stories of recent years.

With images of the photographer's house, Venetia Dearden, the book captures all the details of construction of its best known icons in the factory in Somerset, and backstage scenes and parades during the London Fashion Week, and images of events, parties and different branded stores.



Mulberry bags produce more desirable and cloned in recent years. From Bayswater to hit Alexa , many are the famous who have looked into their daily activities, and even more numerous are the street girls who have chosen a low cost version of it. The meteoric rise of the brand in part because flawless marketing strategies and plan a smart partnerships with models, singers and other icons of moda.Según connoisseurs, Mulberry is "the new Burberry" (note the pun).

But not only manufactures the brand handbags and wallets, but they seem. After marching for several seasons in New York, have returned to London to present a woman very seventies, wearing maxi skirts, jackets, bomber and my favorite, double breasted coats.


As we see in parades, children and even pets in the house are part of the front row of fashion shows. Mulberry is a great family with its employees, models, photographers and fans. The portrait of this relationship which goes beyond the merely professional is the highlight of this book: the brand projects an impeccable business career, but nothing would make sense without the emphasis between the managers of the same family who are employees and good working atmosphere generated between them. You can buy the firm's Web itself, certainly is not Alexa, but it is a comfort for fashion victims, is not it?


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