Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Boots fashion (I)

Botines de moda In DeMujer.es examine the spoils of fashion! One of the new boots in the fall 2011 fashion boots with fringes are and to like the photo image, which has a design reminiscent of the shoes the Indians or the "Pocahontas." What do you think ? I do not like, at least for now I say "NOOOO".

All indications are that these boots will be one of the novelties in the next season in fashion footwear, but the truth is that they usually get back to the beginning, when we are still in summer, often not very successful then in the street.

Botines de moda

H & M Boots Botines de moda

Boots Zara TRF
€ 49.95
Ref 7104/001

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