Friday, July 29, 2011

Claudia Schiffer, weaves weaves you for your first collection!

claudia schiffer

The top among the tops, Claudia Schiffer, continues to reinvent itself in the world of fashion. In his forty years (who would) give us the good news, now designs its own name. For now, this collection so we can buy online at the website of luxury, net-a-porter, and how little we have seen, the point is the trend that Claudia wants to sell us.

Claudia has starred in a mini editorial in the same site where wears her own designs. At the very least we can say that the model is beautiful as ever, and we show you some of your pieces then read on!

Hopefully little by little, the German design is released to other articles that point out the classic, although at first, all we can see his collection is wool and wool garments like dresses dresses and cardigans.

claudia schiffer

And she are divine, especially the maxi cardigan as a dress perfect to wear with a belt and tied finite. A trend that defends itself looks all day, but of course, Claudia Claudia is great!

claudia schiffer

Now, let the garment in its purest essence, under a pure white background. Garments, frankly, neither Fu Ni Fa costing 400 euros approximately.

claudia schiffer

As we mentioned above, hopefully the signing of the model will gradually acquire more grace and have something more special.

claudia schiffer

Would you pay 400 euros for a knitwear designer Claudia Schiffer's now?

You can browse the entire collection here .

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