Friday, July 29, 2011

Come with picnic tables ... vichy


One of the most fun plans for summer picnics. Who could resist the open air, good friends, meal and a "country look"? I think almost anyone. I remember as a small picnic of it was very popular and I spent the pipe lying on the lawn of a park with my cat Garfield lunchbox or Hello Kitty. Although we adults can return to enjoy the time, now that the weather permits, and make us a look "camp." Notes of the essentials for a picnic!


Picnic is one of the cheaper plans and fun you can find. On the beach, the mountains, the countryside, in a park ... Anywhere outdoors is an ideal venue for a picnic. The picnic has always been present in our society just look at the many pictures that are on the subject. Box (Tissot)


The most popular pattern for a picnic is the Vichy red. A pattern inspired by the aesthetics picnic is extrapolated to all areas of fashion. Although we have to have some carry a total eye look very tiresome. A classic is the swimsuits and bikinis. The retro-style swimsuit photo is Modcloth.


September picnic paper Cath Kidston. To use and recycle.


Rather than take a bet on a basket bag, the photo is from Cath Kidston. You can take advantage to bring a towel, a tablecloth, sun cream etc. It has more capacity than a normal size bag.


The pictures are printed king of the picnic. A dress with red Forever21 cutting of simple and fresh will be most comfortable.


A perfect look for Zara: Short jeans, white shirt and plaid shirt.


And until we head for a hat and take shelter and picnic touch of sun. The photo is from Juicy Couture.


Gorgeous dress by Paul & Joe Sister, with blue boxes for a summer evening stroll.


In Jared | Come picnic with gingham
In Jared | Campaign D & G Spring-Summer 2011

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