Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Country Holidays in the most chic


Why not dress the same to go to the office to get an afternoon of shopping, no matter if we wear to the beach or the mountains. And this last destination is hard to say what to pack, something that is comfortable, is chic and not clash. Mission impossible? Of course not! The basic premises are neutral colors such as beige, camel and earth colors. Only then you will get a perfect outfit for your holiday more jackets.

And for landscapes where vegetation is dry and rocky tops crochet lace are a must-have. If you combine them with shorts XXL Brown will get a perfect outfit. And if you do not want to leave the stage at home, be planted with some platforms! Of course, avoiding high heels ... Although who said to go have to go perfect climb scaffolds?

If you are the type who prefers the fit other garment than his shirt, you can opt for shorts. In black and combined with a basic tee in nude have everything solved. Ankle boots pamela campers and finish round out this divine outfit.


The queen of the mountain

The author of 'I love my blog' is an expert in this free-range of outfits. Everything around it is pure and simple vegetation and he looks fit. The maxi skirt combined with this toasty oversize crochet jersey make this look glamorous as I've seen, do you like?


Even if you're prefer shorts that you can make a splash with a look like this: beige shorts, t-shirt in shades of tans and sun hat to cover your. Too much!


And to finish a skirt to the ankles off-white lace. Combined with a basic cotton and tape a turban, make this a chic and perfect.


Photos | I love my blog , LA's blog , Miss Popy

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