Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Crossing the thin red line ... When the girls stopped being girls

Yes, it is the trickiest issue and somewhat controversial. And talk of children is not easy, especially for the interests of both. But there is a point that society should say enough! And lately girls 13 years dedicated to film and lose sight of what really matters: his childhood. Contracts with large firms, red carpets, shootings for magazines ... But really, who are the culprits? I guess it's an accumulation of things: parents who allow firms that claim and society accept and abide without question this.

A clear example is the Marc Jacobs campaign starring Dakota Fanning in 2007. At just 13 years she starred in it with some pictures where her child's face said it all. What do you get that? Do you really want to sell clothes to women 35 years if it looks less? I do a review of the most notorious cases of today.

The Fanning were made of gold

Messrs. Fanning have fully exploited their two daughters, Dakota and Elle. The first appearance was only 6 years old in the series ER (something like ER). Since then everything became more and more roles: I am Sam with Sean Penn, The War of the Worlds with Tom Cruise or Sweet Home Alabama. His actions on the red carpet became more and more common, so much so that Jimmy Choo shoes he designed for her. Today, 17 years old, is already an expert at posing.


Among her favorite designers are Valentino, for example in the MET gala this last year .


She loves mini-dresses, and that point angelic face makes it a 'treat' for major designers.


His little sister, Elle , just 13 years has already begun to make his first steps by Sofia Coppola. How does a 13 year old girl can wear a Marchesa? Seeing is believing ...


A question I ask myself is it really a girl her age is so perocupada by their appearance and fashion needs to be in a front-row of Chanel ? Together with Mario Testino and Diane Kruger Elle sat the last Fashion Week in Paris.


She likes vintage (do her or her stylist?) Although the look has touched nerd with big glasses and argyle socks.


As did previous years, this year Marc Jacobs has enjoyed their collaboration (has only 13 years!) To star in the Autumn-Winter 2011/2012 by Marc by Marc Jacobs .


In the wake of the Fanning ...

Hailee Steinfeld is not far behind. And that just 15 years has been nominated for an Oscar and BAFTA. A carrerón the few (if not almost any) can boast. Of course, this means changing the prom by carpetsred night parties ...


... And let the cheerleading uniform in the closet to 'disguise' of matron in the new Autumn-Winter 2011/2012 Miu Miu .


At just 14 years Chloë Moretz has over 6 years working, and last but not least 3 films released in 2010. The odd thing is that seeing it in pictures it appears much more ...


I did not know their age difference between a Fendi handbag and Burberry of them seem to know not only that, but you know all the designers at their fingertips. This girl, when he played with the Barbies?


His look changes are constant! In his youth and his appearance is one of the most important things for his career ... Should I be?


Georgie Henley fame came when she was 10 years. Now the pretty girl has grown wrapped in evening dress and flashes.


Saoirse Ronan is the latest to head this list. Is 17 and has just released the film Hanna (no, not Montana). Within months, their appearance has changed to have an angelic face ...


... that of an older woman. What do you think?


With this post I want to make clear that there is a criticism of them or their work, but a criticism of our society by demanding 'broken toys ", parents who allow and firms that give rise to all this.

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