Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Duel fashionista in "september issue" of Vogue USA: Kate Moss vs. Carrie Bradshaw


Smoking hope the "september issue" more love and patience while I smoke my consumption ... not because we are slowly getting more details of what will be the most anticipated number of best-selling magazine. We speak of Vogue USA and "September issue."

I already anticipate that Kate Moss and his "Mosstock wedding "would be their home and occupy much of the inside ... but we did not know is that the Moss not only appear in a special with exclusive photos of your link, Mario Testino .. ...

Kate Moss will make your special tribute or not, Sex and the City and will be a special brides in the unruly look 10 model wedding dresses of many other artists who have chosen your dream dress for Kate.

As you know the one finally chosen was Galliano, bravo for her and her faithfulness in the land of wolves, but is dying to know who have been "discarded" and yet pay homage to the work of Anna Wintour and pen.

Is it a rumor or confirmed? We will wait to "September."

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