Monday, July 25, 2011

Fashion in Film: Annie Hall Woody Allen (I)


The fashion and film have always been passionate lovers. They can not live without each other.
I thought it was interesting to make a costume section of films that have made ​​history in film and has overtaken the world of fashion.

Here we analyze legendary costumes, costume designers, film clips etc. I hope you have as much fun as me, let it .... Lights, camera, action!


"Annie Hall" is a film directed by Woody Allen in 1977. Starring Woody Allen in the role of Alvy and Diane Keaton in the role of Annie. In the film tell us about the love life of the neurotic Alvy and his love affair with Annie's special.


The very Diane Keaton was one of the costume designers of the film, she was wearing her own clothes on set and almost have to give 80% credit for creating "Annie Hall's style." A funny anecdote is that the costume designer sometimes said to Diane: "That's not sales, is appalling" but in the end always interceded for Woody Allen Diane.


The costume team comprised: Nancy McArdle, George Newman, Marilyn Putnam and Ralph Lauren. Ralph Lauren himself designed some of the most iconic looks of the film.


The male style is the backbone of the costumes for " Annie Hall . " Mix slacks, blouses men, ties, wide-brimmed hats, raffia bags.


To update the look is put round glasses, hair or a high bun or loose, American herringbone, plaid shirts, a very masculine look but with very feminine touches.


Diane also argued for a more casual look consisting of striped shirts and simple pants, tops the look with huge glasses.


The scarves and black total look is also one of the key features of "Annie Hall-style."


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