Friday, July 29, 2011

Fashion Street: Transparencies sexiest of streetstylers

American Apparel T transprancia

The slides are always very controversial. There is usually a greater number of people who prefer the opposite side to take them to the fans who claim to be the trend. In fashion risk on the street yet, so this trend was not going to be less. Also this season the style is one of the rulers .

Speaking of slides I do not mean the horrors of the famous festival in looks but rather something we can look wearable and stylish. In some cases this type of look is excessive in others is very feminine and sexy.

Lina di transparent fashion

Shirts and blouses are one of the pieces that work best for this type of assembly in the streets. Both Leslie K as Södertröm Lina . In both cases, choose a model very informal with American Apparel shirts which combine in different ways. Both are valid, although I prefer the first.

Zara Ocarros transparencies Alba

Faced with wide, loose shirt menswear heritage that is carried out, Alba Ocarros Zara prefers this model that combines with an almost total look of the signing of Inditex, except for shorts, Stradivarius (for the case Galician rule is the same). By opting for a shorter garment itself as these shorts is better put your shirt inside.

Transparencies chiffon

A more colorful is the Willabelle prefer a look that will kill these super army boots with platform. The gauze shirt is more transparent than before, hence it has to choose a proper lingerie.

Victoria military Mango

Victoria F chooses a version of the shirt (Stylebymarina) in combination with a nude black jeggings Vero Moda and military Mango jacket, plus a wedge sandal Bianco.

HM Fashionistatalk

A more feminine style and pastel is starring FashionistaTalk. With a blouse H & M with a pair of Missoni and a pale pink ruffled skirt. A look too saturated for my taste.

Amber Saylor transparencies

Some people prefer to ignore the shirt or blouse and opt for a tunic top or a very loose and transparent. Amber Saylor opt for one with air Obey tribal orange that blends with a generous shoes Jeffrey Campbell.

Junki Mode HM

What better to be avoided at all costs is a look as well. Anjelica Lorenz (Mode Junkie) misses the shot of all all, awful is an understatement. Weekday is the mark of top, H & M shorts, leather and sunglasses and again Jeffrey Campbell ... let's leave those boots on those boots.

Mango Maritsa

The shortsleather (Michael Kors) combine best with a simple top from Mango transparent gray and loved Alexander Wang bag again. Although the detail of the shoes in white Zara is the cross for many.


As a last resort for transparencies can opt for a model so it is also really useful for now.

Photos | Naughtymess , Maritsa K , FashionistaTalk , Alba Ocarros , Leslie K , Mode Junkie , Amber Saylor , Linadimoda , Willabelle Ong , Victoria F
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