Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Fashion Street: What bag is the latest trend?

Bonnie Barton Handbag

Fashion on the street choose your favorite purses and does so with such a variety of patterns and trends that every day it becomes clearer that there is no dominant fashion but rather a multitude of possibilities are more relevant or less depending on the type of audience and style they represent.

Someone said to carry the bags that emulate the portfolios of the school: indeed, the rest not Clutch: true, even the leather bags are a fashion: true. And so to end up seeing this wide variety of looks with a bag per style. Bonnie Barton started the game.

The clutch, the plug-in style

Ysl clutch Lena

It is true that clutch adds a nice touch of style according to what looks and according to what people who are more or less grace, but it is uncomfortable to be a complement to carry by hand. Yes, the Lena Dmitrieva Yves Saint Laurent is very nice.

Kristina Romwe Portfolios

There are different varieties of the handbag, in recent weeks (this step we will discuss in the final minutes) has seen the portfolio as a portfolio. It is a supplement that goes well with looks festive look where you have to go dressed as Kristina Bazan Romwe with this model.

Lisa d Clutch

For every day I understand that this bag is quite uncomfortable but adds a twist to the look, like Lisa D.

Coury Combs Clutch

Yet there are women, as Coury Combs , who is elected for a stylish look of the street.

Handbags for Summer

Phan Satchel bag

The handbags also force us to have your hands full but are a little more comfortable than Clutch. One of the firms is more fashionable is Satchel. Different models have flooded the streets .

Mulberry Golestah

It's okay to join a trend but Satchel has become an epidemic among many streetstylers. In contrast, those who never fail are those of Mulberry. I love them, especially how it looks Golestaneh in this set so easy for a weekday.

Annemiek Zara bag

Annemiek has a similar air. Expert in basic sets but does show off and pose with them in a good style. Good and risky choice in the handbag Zara, a model other than we're used to seeing.

Chiara Ferragni Hermes

Otherwise we have Ferragni Chiara , who as time goes on I think less and less. As a faithful follower of Hermes seems to me absurd to destroy a legendary model as Kelly making it transparent, but as a fashion brand that is you have to join the latest trends, much as they are so illogical as to let the light that brings everything people inside the bag.

Shoulder bags, hands free at last

LEXANDER-wang-bolso.jpg "class =" center "alt =" Andy Torres Alexander Wang bag "/>

The comfort should be a key for which abide often look for when choosing a dress. A shoulder bag to free us from the hands, so many times beats any current trend. Bags like this Alexander Wang look Andy Torres is already a modern classic.

Jana rown

The legacy of the school is also in this type of bag and will next fall. I love this design that looks Romwe Jana Banana.

Chanel handbag Jiyeon

Although for those who give praise Jiyeon Lee to pose with so much personality in a context so bland and ugly. A model and a classic Chanel black and white look make the rest but it is not easy.

Alana fringed bag

On the bags taken up the fashion fringe tire will also be time at the end if you become as hard as many brands want. For my part I hope that is not as hard this return. Alana Ruas even dares to combine military with tacky shorts.

Anouska backpack

Finally, many types of bags and models to finish pulling the typical leather bag life. In one shoulder and fall, with a touch rather informal as one that transmits Anouska.

Photos | Alana Ruas , Annemiek , Lisa D , Anouska , Coury Combs , Jiyeon Lee , Phan H , Bonnie Barton , Lena Dmitrieva , Jana Banana , Andy T. , Golestaneh , Chiara Ferragni , Kristina Bazan
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