Tuesday, July 26, 2011

First images of the exclusive White Paula Echevarria for


Finally we have and exclusive, the first two images definitive catalog for White Paula Echevarría Autumn-Winter 2011/2012 . All I can say is beautiful, as always. You know I feel real fondness for this girl and her dress so successful. But this time, the actress stars in a catalog that is displayed as is natural.

For me fashion is fun to dress. Dress attire is required, but you can make it fun. Following the fashion and choosing clothes that go over with you can make it fun.


In this image with a simple black dress, a must for every woman's wardrobe is spectacular. By the way, give me a tour of the store because I love the design.

My style depends on timing, mood, physical status, and of course the trends tendencias.Prefiero adapt my personality. My style is a bit undefined.

A few days ago we saw pictures of the making of , today I muestrio any more, so you can check the next fashion 2011/2012 Autumn-Winter in White, where you can find casual clothing, while, hyper-feminine.


Days in the styles of predominantly browns and earth, a chromatic scale to the addicted Paula confesses: beige, camel, brick, dark chocolate ... we can see eight or jerseys with large swan-neck styling, comfortable chinos and tweed coats with lots of weight. The oils are for the garments star of this collection, the mini tweed Chanel-style, one of the favorite actress sweaters. I teach it in this picture which I already shown habáimos few days ago.

For me fashion is still fun despite working on it. Always choose my clothes myself, I actually like to shop alone.


For the night White offers us sober. The more sophisticated outfits is marked by the color black to get looks elegant and refined. Under clean-cut coats or collars maxi hair, Paula wears the new little black dress code-minimalist and does not require that delicate earrings or a bracelet to be awesome.

paula-neck bib

Through the combination of beige and black and white & black actress manages to reduce the solemnity of color playing the role exchange: looks between feminine and masculine blend dress pants with sandals stylized male very feminine.

What I like best is that White has a special seal that makes it different. I bought and I find that White always has a definite style, recognizable. I do not know what it is, perhaps the color or how to interpret trends, but there is something that makes it different.

As supplements include dancers and snake bracelets or print peep toe boots in leopard prints, which provide a nod to the fashion journal.

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