Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Further improvements in the comments and responses Jared

Jared answers

It is not going to rest with us, or summer, a few days of vacation for many people, Weblogs, Inc. continues to seek ways to improve the blogs with the intention of making them more convenient and useful for you.

The main novelties of this change are focused on improving the section Jared replies . In this section you can see the tabs "Latest" and "No answer" in which the questions are grouped to have them more relevant to us. By submitting a question will be appropriate to put a tag with this, but if we do not know what to put the system will automatically recommend one.

One new detail that we really like is the new order of comments in posts. From now on you will see how to group the comments in descending value according to the votes they receive. In the posts will have a tab that is "Top Rated", although we like to sort by time we will have two options: either do it for the last published (with the tab "Recent"), or leave them as usual with the tab "Chronological ".

Now let's enjoy the fashion and every day.

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