Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Glamour at ground level: the best flat summer sandals


It seems glamorous and flat sandal is a contradiction hard to refute. And when a celebrity, a Hollywood star or palm it girl walking down the red carpet seems to need to climb to 10 inches off the ground, do not come his rival for the paper / photo and placed at his side with its magnificent Blahnik 15-inch.

But should this be so? Can be as elegant as Audrey with a flat sandal? So tall without heels and a top one? ¿A wonderful look of Etro chiffon dress, not a murderer but stiletto sandal with a wonderful earthy as either high or low cost? Now we show you the looks to go to the beach every fashionista should know now it's up to the side, or rather shoes.

Is useless in battle to beat comfort and elegance? I already showed that with the best pacifier summer heels but also flat sandals can live the fashionista ...

Low cost

flat sandals

Why not give it a spin by Blanco and prove, footwear, pasearnos the store with their best proposals in Summer 2011? These include beads, flowers, ethnic motifs and toque own Woodstock hippy.

flat sandals

H & M also show us how to be the most sexy sandals closer to the sandy beach. Where appropriate proposals show the strips everywhere, in toes, heels, ankles ... Atata!


In Pimkie also bind us and surround our calf with a subtle patterned silk cashmere with which emulate the life of Jade Jagger in Ibiza.

flat sandals

Again Crib White with us a little closer to the sun, but only slightly. Your heel and forefoot straps on the show makes it ideal for manicured emerald green.


A similar but different version, in this case Pimkie Summer 2011. Its turquoise is the best contrast for your tanned skin and touch "Gladiator" continues a trend that seemed to succeed and has finally been during summers and most summers.

flat sandals

The best accessory for an emerald chiffon dress like Serena, tribal-inspired sandals with beaded bracelet. In this case, White Summer 2011.

High Cost


We seize the opportunity in sales! We throw the card out the window and let's hit the ground, tread the same ground that these sandals Miu Miu, but we are not mistaken, the soil trodden by a Miu is always fluffy.

flat sandals

And speaking of gauze, and Etro dresses why not supplement our latest acquisition in sales with flat sandals? Etro is luxury, is bohemian Etro, Etro is pop ....

flat sandals

A little known in these parts, Georgina Goodman presents one of the original models, starting from a strip mínmas is not that difficult?

Wool "src =" http://img.trendencias.com/2011/06/georginagoodmanss2011shoes23_thumb.jpg "/>

And it is further complicated if we turn the strips into words, words that convey love and comfort ...

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