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Interview Dalun, designs the network to bloggers

Arguably, the strength lies in its creative Dalun, Alemany Laura Bosch, a Valencian so badly that the concept of working holidays and rest does not fit your life. His agenda, always full of events and presentations.

He just presented his fall collection - winter and much of the network, especially the fashion bloggers, want to show off their designs, some of whom have walked red carpets.

His success had a Facebook, almost, as the protagonist, with word of mouth, and with designs that feel incredible. Up close, it would love you all. I love the added touch of pockets to clothing.

Want to know how Dalun?


  • Laura, you could say you're a designer born of social networks. How did you get?

When I finished studying fashion and industrial pattern look for work without much luck, so I started designing for friends and family until decidií build my brand. My first collection started almost two years ago. I was encouraged to participate in a show of young designers in my city and created a collection of eight garments. I also created my blog and my facebook profile and from there began to emerge opportunities and meet wonderful people.

  • Step by step, and Valencia to a presentation in Madrid. What's your next move?

I would love to continue forever with my brand and expanding outlets go in and out of Spain.


  • Did you expect that suddenly, all the Spanish bloggers want to take your designs?

That some bloggers like my work makes me a huge illusion, as are girls who understand fashion, are always beautiful and they want a Dalun, is a gift for me!


  • Any it girl you want to wear?

By dreaming, I would say that Diane Kruger is the best in my point of view.

  • What does it mean to you than your signature, Dalun, is known in near record time?

Although it seems that everything went very fast, I've been studying for 18 years, I've done in my hometown parades in Valencia with my class, I have made ​​jewelry, theatrical costumes ... People still recognize me and yes it will Dalun very fast, but I took a long time trying to live my work.

  • Show very feminine designs, personalize ¿any?

There are clients who come to my studio and I make custom dresses for special events. Yes.


  • You just launched your new collection autumn - winter, descríbenosla.

It is a collection very feminine, delicate and romantic touch. It's called Covergirl, Covergirl, and I love to see my dress on the cover of Vogue.

  • What would you look for the day?

Depends on the job ... but I think with a blazer, a basic tee, jeans, pretty shoes and elegant necklace can go well to most sites.

  • How about a date?

To schedule an appointment in a dress and heels always.

  • Who is your favorite designer?

John Galliano, Miguel Palacio.

  • In less than two months comes Cibeles. What do you expect this gateway? When you see the Cibeles Off or The Ego?

Cibeles I like, but I wish it had more impact. I have in mind not any bridge, I like the way I chose and I put it now, not me.

In Gallery I leave her new collection autumn - winter 2011/2012. Thanks Laura!

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