Monday, July 25, 2011

Is it a cold? A muffin? No! They are the coolest bikinis

Can I put heavy with the topic, yes I know, but year after year is that really pisses me off down to the beach and meet 20 girls with my same bikini. I think the low-cost bathing suits are fine for the price (you can buy many of them season after season), but the match many people for me is the end expensive. That's why today I introduce a new signature bikinis and underwear.

Is the only downside? Currently only sold in Italy, but if you're the lucky ones in a few days to visit the country of the boot, you can put this particular piece in your wishlist. The firm in question is Jennipie and what first strikes us is its packaging: as ice cream or cupcake. And no, it is a simple installation, you sell it as is. To make matters worse, call the store make ice cream, is not it more?

Depending on the model you buy the packaging varies. We can find everything from muffins, mini cupcakes or ice cream cone.


In addition, the color corresponds to a taste: if you want you will be beige and pink strawberry ice cream and vanilla, but if you prefer to opt for the brown color of chocolate and vanilla ice cream. An original idea and bright stand out from all other brands of swimwear and underwear. Its price is around 80 €.


Who can wear this brand so cool? Chiara Ferragni , of course ... And is that the Italian does not miss even one, and your beach vacation, sun and sea and is sheathed with the 'chocolate ice cream. "


What flavor do you prefer?

Photos | Jennipie , The Blonde Salad
In Jared | Bikinis sole and exclusive made ​​in Spain: Like a fish in water

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