Thursday, July 28, 2011

The king is naked Marc Jabobs long live the king?


Long live, not live! Marc Jacobs seems to have not read the story of the emperor's clothes or whether he has read and wants to give us a poke bare all. Because look at the latest images from the campaign of Marc Jacobs Fall-Winter 2011/2012 is feeling like the child who sees her naked king and think am I the only one or the other idiots?

Well, we seem to be idiots, as Jacobs and Juergen Teller, or at least that seems to me. We feel here hurt the sensibilities of some readers who may be offended by this campaign, rather with its aesthetic taste, but if the eye was almost turned upside down I wait, the thing gets worse ... ..

marc jacobs

And stating that the original campaign will not clog parts of the bashful young gentleman, but displays the air. Will the demure Anna Wintour able to publish this in his modest Vogue USA? The Roitfeld, however, would have been more than happy, sorrow of leaving by the back door of Vogue Paris.

In Jared | Birds of a feather flock together. Marc Jacobs Campaign Fall-Winter 2011/2012

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