Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The last genius of a genius: McQueen leaves his estate to charity


We adore you, we pay homage, we miss you .... When a genius goes, definitely something in the soul dies. And if our souls fashionista had suffered a great loss with the disappearance of Alexander McQueen, suffered again today as he recalled his art and himself. Because if his art was great, now we discover that bigger was his person. And the magician of the needle with kilt and boots Martens has left the vast majority of his estate to charity . We talked about 26 million.

Among the "lucky" that today are a little closer to McQueen, charity support and protection of animals, Terrence Higgins Trust, which promotes sexual health policies and safe sex, and other charities including a part for enrollment of students at Central St Martin's in London where he studied design.

Via | Ny mag

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