Sunday, July 31, 2011

The look of the week Jared from 25 to 31 July: 'hall of fame' street

We reached the end of the week, the tail of these seven days, and we must choose who deserves to win the look of the week. But this time with a difference: this time the celebrities are the bloggers. They inspire us daily with their looks, their great outfits and we want to crown them as the best dressed.

You choose who deserves the title of the best among the best. We started the list with Zina CH, author of Fashionvibe. His style is perfect for every occasion perfect. This time her look is ideal for a wedding : maxi dress in blue klein straight lines makes it an outfit 10. But is not the only, want to see more?

The creator of India Rose also choose this shade of blue but very different in other clothing: shorts of cool. Combined with a gauzy white shirt (the most comfortable garment) makes your outfit the perfect for a summer morning .


Amber Saylor shows us in his blog Cannibal's how to find a blouse without falling into vulgarity . Orange tones and crochet shorts, his look is ideal for all occasions: day or night is perfect.


In a chair for my purse customized find this dress made ​​in the most sexy Zara: that great backless garment makes it ideal for a cocktail or a summer party. Show this part so sexy and be the center of attention .


The bags slung over their shoulders are flooding the streets at top speed. Andy Style Scrapbook model wears her Alexander Wang (who could!) with a sober look and ideal. What do you think the end result?


Are you one of those you love the pastel colors in clothing ? The owner of Mellow Mayoness shows an outfit with these shades look perfect and sappy or boring. Who would say that orange and pink suit was a perfect marriage!


The black and nude are the colors chosen by LA's blog for a more rustic look of it (and 100% cool). The boots give a touch of mountain air and provide a different final outfit.


And just this look of country is Miss Poppy: this time the white lace blouse is broken and XXL shorts combined with camel color. Simple, chic and perfect, I like it!


If you are the type who prefers maxi summer, Madame Rose shows her nude colored clothing is ideal depth of your jersey Primark.


But if you want a more vivid color and ankles, Pax I have the solution: his is the colomustard and paired with a gray vest and white basic tee.


Who will win this battle of titans?

Photos | India Rose , Fashionvibe , Amber Saylor , a chair for my purse , Scrapbook Style , Mellow Mayoness , LA's blog , Miss Poppy , Madame Rosa , Drowing equilibriums

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