Saturday, July 30, 2011

MW, the second line of Mathew Williamson and stores


I've always liked Matthew Williamson, colors, prints, and Indian a touch boho, inspired perhaps by the time he worked in India for Monsoon. And that's exactly what seems to be enthusiastic about celebrities, from Jade Jagger to Moss, as clients as friends and icons of the new bohemian style, who spends thousands of pounds in aesthetics but does not want to appear. Mathew, who also worked for Marni, has finally decided to launch a second line, perhaps after his experience with H & M?.

Not that their prices are low cost, ranging from 400 to 500 dollars, but certainly more affordable than the first line to whom the creator defined as more typical of red carpets. And this one? ...


More urban, more street but as Williamson as ever.

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