Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The other 'September Issue', the covers come September

Harper's Bazaar
While waiting for the real cover The September Issue, the other international editions start to appear. The star of today, the Australian edition of Harper's Bazaar.

And his muse, Karlie Kloss, the new face of perfume 'To Life' collection Dior Addict, in the king size so the magazine is now working in the opposite direction to the rest of women's magazines, that dwarf their size.

Elle UK
There are still doubts about the British edition of Elle. Its protagonist, Victoria Beckham, but ... a figure that is far from being taken while pregnant. That, or mockups are a few artists.

In Fararazzi | We're the premiere of 'The September Issue'
In Jared | Waiting for the "September issue," the "August issue" of Vogue with SJP USA , fashionista Mourning in the 'September Issue "of Vogue USA: Kate Moss vs. Carrie Bradshaw

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