Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Party Hairstyles (II)

peinados de fiesta ¿Hair loose or gathered for a party? Looking for a holiday hairstyle and make you know very well what. You need not always stuck at the salon, there are plenty of hairstyles and very simple ideal that you will be able to do. Try and you'll be amazed!

ppeinados de fiesta ii

To go to a party can carry as much loose hair as collected, both options are very fashionable. Among the styles that you intend to take over some tutorials, you'll see that look great and are very simple!:

Corrugated iron hair down

Low ponytail

Root Braid

High bun party

French Braid

Collected party

Long hair with volume and waves

Ballerina bun

Collected ponytail with waterfall

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