Thursday, July 28, 2011

Please do not stop the fashion (and Isabeli Fontana)

Isabeli Fontana does double: set image to the next Donna Karan campaign and the Mango. It seems you liked the Catalan company, and Terry Richardson too! As has been the photographer is held in a place of dreams, Paris. Yes, typical but effective: this city has something to love and the truth is that seeing the video the campaign is very good.

For now we must settle for starring Brazilian lookbook. I keep going on the web every five minutes waiting for the vestidazo shining in red and black with polka dots (I have a wedding in September and I do not know what to wear!). As we previously shown my mate Colin, the catalog photos are nothing special , are made ​​in a studio though she is so beautiful that no longer needed. And the clothes at first glance (and without touching it) looks good. We'll have to wait for the collection to the store, but I keep refreshing their website on your computer ... (who still say get it, right?).

In Jared | Mango Autumn-Winter season 2011/2012: the absolute star black
In Jared | Isabeli Fontana is New York at her feet and dressed in Donna Karan (Fall-Winter 2011/2012)

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