Thursday, July 28, 2011

Rachel Zoe's dressing shows your child (and we do not recover)


Patidifusa, stunned, confused and surprised. Because to see the video of Rachel Zoe showing her son's closet Skyler is an ode to fashion small, as small as the little modesty of Zoe in spreading such waste of luxury and meaningless.

When a still crave that which Carrie floor, lit up like a Broadway stage and a large closet, large and full, filled only by Dior and Prada, is Rachel Zoe and shows us his special corner of the little guy. The dressing of her child is a display of Tods loafers tiny, dwarf-zagueante ziz jerseys Missoni, Gucci bags wardrobe ... one is left with no expression on his face, to be sure.

Skyler probably do not have compassion unceremoniously throw or a top from H & M and a linen shirt from Egypt Etro, size 0 that is. And you can vomit the video seem to some , while others your most cherished dream. Jared So we ask your opinion is this politically correct? Is that right or right to have it show? Do you expect it something of a stylist?

What side are ye?

Via | Jezebel

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