Friday, July 29, 2011

The sales of the Closet TV Shows: irresistible!

Tele's Closet

In the Closet TV Shows you can find many of the outfits worn by presenters or actresses in television programs and series. It is the web fashion television. Dresses that when we love and we would give anything to have him in our closet.

Now we are in times of discounts , the best time for you to make your purchase favorites. There is a discount of up to 70%, so it's time to raze.


Yoon Usuna presenter wore last week at Intermediate this gorgeous green chiffon dress, also have it available in nude. Perfect to wear on a romantic dinner on a summer night at the seaside. The price is 39.90 euros.


This floral print dress she chose Fornarina Nonsense Anna Simon in the Fair, is heavily discounted because its original price was 135 euros and is now 65.50 euros. Cooler, comfortable and ideal for an afternoon of shopping or a beer with friends.


The fashion journalist Clara Courel have in your closet this stylish turquoise dress. A manga-tuned design and ideal to go to the office and surprise in a summer meeting. Is signed by the Catalan firmqa Donnafly.


And if you're looking clothes "run" price, we also have a variety. you can wear long shirts as a dress or combined with jeans for only 8, 97 euros. Berta Collado and has shown us.


And of course you can find a variety of clothes and toiletries. Inside this colorful bikini only costs 12 euros. If combined with shorts, shirt and hat for a stylish on the beach.

In Jared | dresses celebrities television. Make them yours now! Discounted
In Jared | Fornarina Spring-Summer 2011

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