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Stradivarius Pre-Fall 2011 Collection Luiz Salmgrieze: fashion is Oriental, Navajo and red rocker

Pre-fall 2011 Stradivarius

We continue with more proposals for low-cost brands estamporada. Stradivarius is a continuation of that seen in Besrhka , H & M or Mango in a matter of trends for these coming days. The Pre-Fall 2011 collection of the firm Inditex has some interesting things.

Without being a big fan of me Stradivarius , I like how the trend has faced East and stamping their broader ways. Moreover, the price of their garments is irresistible, hence its success. Luize Salmgrieze, Latvia, is the model chosen for the lookbook August.

The trend eastern Stradivarius

East Stradivarius

The current summer (which seems to see both new fall fashion that already has) the oriental trend was well received in most brands, especially among large companies. Inditex did not hesitate in joining this trend with strong bidding Zara. Now Pref-Fall 2011 Stradivarius repeated play. For 25 euros.

East Green Stradivarius

There are different types of models for this style. Back in green, as we saw in last White , green with bright prints for 25.95 euros. These designs combine them with leather jackets and boots generous heel.

Stradivarius oriental dresses

Two other alternatives in the Eastern question we dressed in blue and red for 22.95 euros or the same price but on a gray background with a prominent presence of mauve.

Navajo Fashion

Navajo Stradivarius

More fashion navajo here and all sides. The dresses are covered with this geometric print with a good taste. In particular, this dress well combined win many integers. A dress with zipper 25.95 euros central and stick very well with this leather jacket (polyurethane and polyester, come on) in red for 35.95 euros.

Stradivarius Navajo baggy pants

The pants are not saved. If harem pants to do anything were beige or camel, now it choose a similar style but with tribal prints Stradivarius 25.95 euros seeks to combine with transparent garments .

Once more: animal print

Animal print Stradivarius

Do not get rid. You know my special persecution the animal print but no way, here goes. Scares me how to return next fall. At least since Stradivarius this proposal is more restrained and forget about leopards. This dress costs 22.95 euros.

Stradivarius monkey

Of course, the pattern we have all kinds of garments. The monkeys are still with him in mind (35.95 euros) while opting to mix with black boots and arock style.

Stradivarius kimono

The animal print goes to the kimonos, combined with little black dresses. The price is 35.95 euros kimonos. I still do not see them during the day to day in the street and not elsewhere.

The red skin is alive and

Stradivarius August lookbook

I am pleased to see that the red is strong this fall after good work in the current Spring-Summer . Stradivarius choose very short skin models that combine style with more clothes and questioned shirts Givenchy animal heads in good time would bring ... The skirt: 19.95 euros.

Red Stradivarius

From point glam rocker and follow the red leggings in a fluoride. For 9.995 euros. Combined with anything but black.

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