Thursday, July 28, 2011

This summer, wearing a black dress in your most stylish parties


The black dresses are a staple of your wardrobe, always take and never go out of style. Each season includes a model firms in their collections because it is essential for both summer and winter. As always, I say in my posts, if you do not know what to wear, choose a black design and always be right.

This summer choose a black dress in your party. It is true that white feel great with a tan and acid colors shine invite at this time of year, but if you do not see any of these propuesats summer, esgoge a little black dress never fails.


Low cost firms such as Mango , White or Zara , medium firms as Etxart & Panno and all the international designers in their collections bet on black. Whether it is summer, is one of the best options and most handy.


Very short mini-dresses for a night out with friends, cocktail with length above the knee to more serious events or sexy or original bodies back for the holidays at the seaside.


How to combine? Summer fluoride supplements in colors: orange, purple, green, blue and red klein four tones are perfect for this summer. The gold and silver also combine perfectly. In the first case, choose to complete your look with a gold bracelet. In the second, you get a more serious that I personally do not like. We can not be forgotten heel sandals in black.


A sleek-fitting with only one hand or a tie and draped detail, is so breathtakingly feminine as you will not be favored with no other option.


So simple and slovenly dress can be a perfect piece to go shopping. An example is the White model. Lúcelo with wedges, a bag of raffia and horn-rimmed glasses.


The trend remains asymmetrical neckline. Simple, simple, unadorned but elegant thanks to the cutting of the asymmetry.





Since black is one of my favorite colors, I wanted to pay homage to this entry through the beautiful dresses in this vein.

Photo Gallery

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