Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Wedding invitations, looks still more low-cost!

We continue with the wedding looks. Why? For now it is time of these events. I do not know that gives people, but these parties are multiplied (why thousand?) When the heat makes an appearance, the dark is the protagonist in our skin and we become slightly long hair blonde (some more than others ). And of course, when every weekend is a different ceremony with the same people and same environment, the recycling outfit like that ... no.

And low-cost options, sometimes we are afraid for fear coincides with another (and she looks better than you, of course). After the success of the first post published last week , today I encourage you to bring more looks simple at the same divine (and cheap!). Are you ready? Take paper and pen that today we showed you the keys to success without your pocket remain resentful.

And what fool. The short dresses are the best choice for brown and go look cool. There is a basic law in this wedding and you have to choose who gets the role: or clothing or accessories. In this case the dress is the winner (do not you remember the one presented last year by Stella McCartney?).

No, not an urban legend, Asos is in wedding dresses at a great price. Proof? This short, in a way that is reminiscent of Prada worn by Gwyneth Paltrow and stripes. The only downside is that flower that will not show the garment ... What do you think?


And why not a skirt with body? That same thought the star of the next look: a ​​single body nude Asos sleeve and black skirt with flowers. I love it! Original, correct, simple and chic. What more could we ask?


Glamour covered legs

The originality of the things important to find a vein. If more than not, because you know you will not find one like you. If last week showed you a look consisting of a green maxi Zara, now this piece is again the protagonist but ... as a dress! Yes, this blogger goes further and manages to make it a unique look.


Zina teaches us how to lead a simple maxi dress in blue klein be dull without it. Supplements, hair and the hook make it a look 10.


And finally I leave you a look more but just as cool Ibiza (only suitable for trendsetters): nude color, depth and maxi jersey skirt. Do you like the result?


Photos | 1 Chair for my bag , Madame Rosa , Atlantic-Pacific , Fashionvibe , NeoVEcchioStile

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