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What is your brand of low-cost clothes favorite?: Question weeks

Jared answers

After recalling what was your first purchase at Zara last delivery on the occasion of the farewell Amancio, the question of changing the current week and goes straight to your personal tastes:

What is your brand of low-cost clothes favorite?

You know that not everything is as low-cost, but no one should be psychic to know which will win them all. Remember to be answered in the section Jared Responses and comments on this post. We want to know what is your favorite low-cost brand, and why.

The question last week

As I said before, last week we were remembering old times and distant shopping at Zara. Thus I ask:

Remember your first purchase at Zara?

As is well if you keep the memory and that you were quite a few of you share with us your first time.

Herocat Trafaluc premiered at Zara:

I think it was a camel-colored shirt Trafaluc the line, with a huge heart on the front and the phrase "adult game", yet I have. Its about 10 or 12 years ...

Fernández Mila does not skimp on details to purchase at Zara remember children:

Perfectly: dark green jeans, a plaid shirt also had the tone and others, and also a dark green padded vest trimmed with corduroy and leather top boots brown flipped that I loved. Everything was Zara kids, but remember it like yesterday. Indeed, the vest is in the cottage of my cousins ​​and is still used. And they say that things Zara is one season!

Shirabrie is one of the lucky ones soon Zara could enjoy:

My first purchase was a Zara shirt, early 80's, about 81 or 82, in the street Torreiro Coruña, ever since I stopped shopping there and have had hundreds or thousands of outfits Zara, sorry have not kept some of them from the age of 80, would be funny to show them now but I think some conservatives, I look in the attic.

Fallow Veronica thoroughly prepared his trip to Ibiza:

My first purchase was 93 back in June at the store C / Pelayo BCN, I long for the first time to Ibiza and had to go ape not, the following, if I bought a towering espardeña (for day) clogs much higher (for the night) and three or four dresses, especially remember a strapless neckline with honeycomb-white, I never knew if it was a dress or a blouse but with camel-heeled clogs infinite I was feeling ferry trip to the island, the ship's captain invited me and a friend to visit the bridge and invited us to dinner, was a beautiful early summer, and part of it ZARA.

Alba Ruiz recalls a funny story:

Well I do not remember which was the first time I was exactly, but if I remember once my mother bought me a really cute shirt that I do not remember shop and a girl in my class I wonder where he was, and when said the store, I said that sucks, is that I just bought at Zara! I was so angry that when I get home I told my mother: I will now just want to buy at Zara! and since then most of my wardrobe is from Zara, it is curious that we only had about 6 years old when that happened.

Zara has become even punks as Chic1cheap :

I hated Zara, because punk was a little kiddo xD So the only thing I bought there, until unsadren who I grew old enough, was a blue leopard blouse xD

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