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Levi's Autumn-Winter 2011/2012: dedicated to young


After 138 years in the market, Levi's launches its first platform to be creative and campaigns worldwide. Under the name of Go Forth, the firm specializes in denim clothing, pays tribute to the legacy of the firm and committed young people who are building a better future.

In recent years Levi's has tried to improve and rejuvenate their collections as well as give a radical change to its stores. He wanted to attract an audience, that he lost and it seems that is slowly coming back to get.

To bring the feeling of "It's our time" mark has turned director Ralf Schmerberg to create a short 60 seconds we saw a few days, including scenes of the German landscape of Berlin to the Baltic Sea, as the true pioneer of Berlin youth , one of the avant-garde cities in Europe.

Duel of bodies (in lingerie) to death: Gisele vs. Adriana Lima


That Gisele has a body to die and pacemakers is no new news. That is one top either. And the tops appear to be from another world, with bodies of goddesses that neither time nor damaged pregnancies is another. In fact, today we will talk about two, and more, tops but they are two well modelazas which many millions of dollars of revenue are mothers.

We talk about Gisele Bundchen and Adriamed Lima, in this special mourning their bodies posed new campaigns. His new campaigns are stylish and skimpy clothes, the Burlesque Gisele for the signature line of Hope and Adriana Lima to The Show Stopper's new line of Victoria's Secret is also involving Erin Heatherton and Candice Swanepoel.

Cloning, cloning, money I win. Mango and Miu Miu-mania


I will be direct and honest. What you think of the clones to an armed robbery without penalty possible, but not correct nonsense and introduced as the title, a clone, cloning, I'm going lining. True, who purchased the collection of Prada's weird is that you buy, or even touch his clone Baratero and made ​​in Taiwan and that Miuccia Prada and her talent does not take away the bread more than the crisis and that women of sheiks Marchesa Arabs prefer now.

But is it lawful for several brands and their owners, heirs, boards are being lined with the design of another? And if a foreign design that haunts these thieves of a pencil and pantone in mind, is the Prada and Miu Miu her little sister. We have here one of the first clones ...

Saskia de Brauw, the new darling of Karl Lagerfeld


Saskia de Brauw perfectly embodies the prototype model that demands the world of fashion today. Androgynous features and a somewhat peculiar beauty that captivates the great designers.

And if one of those designers Karl Lagerfeld is you can go and getting the champagne and celebrate your career is assured for life. A success for this Dutch model of 30 years, an age very unusual to explode in the fashion world, but that has not been an impediment to open gap between the largest and star in campaigns and covers the first level in the last year .

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, a new icon Marks & Spencer Autumn-Winter 2011/2012

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Marks Spencer

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is the season of grace. People on a massive scale with a movie like ' Transformers: The Dark Side of the Moon 'and sexy new icon for a good part of men, many of whom already had his time sheet in Victoria's Secret. To supply hot body Megan Fox after it burned so quickly. Regarding fashion ... to me it still seems "just" a pretty girl.

Marks and Spencer will join the list of brands that want to leverage the time of the model-actress (ahem) English in his day and hiciese Burberry this season , and this, in the Autumn-Winter 2011/2012 the put an equal partner of her handsome Ryan Reynolds.

The prince is looking for you on your shoe. Jason Wu is a Fall-Winter 2011/2012, you will find


I love shoes, accessories complement least of all. But shoes, such as clothing or fruit, are of all qualities, designs and shades. How can relegate the garment that made the Prince found his Cinderella? Many times we leave the shoe to the end, like a practical element ornamental or fashionista. Big mistake and shows a button.

Today I present the Autumn-Winter 2011/2012 by Jason Wu and though brief and somewhat repetitive has several very supportive.

Are you under 16? You may not post

Catwalk models

The scene would be like this:

- Hello, I wanted to get on the catwalk.
- Sure, taught me the identity card?
- Yes, take it.
- Miss, I am afraid that this card is false and can not enter, sorry.
- But 15 years and am all woman!

And so a tantrum, crying and taking security the poor girl out there. I laugh not to mourn. It's funny to talk now ask for the ID card in the true fashion week in New York because they are casting 15 year old girls posing as 16.

These criticisms have not sit well to the great Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA), with Diane von Furstenberg forward as president. So much so that have been released until a statement (not that be anything new today). They speak in the next edition will review carefully these cards the same day of the show as long as they do not cheat.

This typical scene of a club wishing to enter with the kids playing with professionals who parade showcasing new designs for each signature. Professionals who at 16 years and seem to be prepared but not at 15. All to avoid cases like Hailey Clauson (Furstenberg paraded for 15 years) in the end they just exploded in front of the face when they reach the public .

These agencies have already accepted the rules not to send models under 16 to auditions (DNA, Elite, Ford, IMG, Marilyn, New York, Next, One, Supreme, Trump, Wilhelmina, and Women) but the problem does not work there. Designers like Michael Kors talk about the problem of the models come from Eastern Europe all saying in unison that are 16 years old when asked his age.

On this issue retrieve words Alejandra Alonso left us a few months ago in an interview :

Yes there was paraded before the problem if I had not the majority. I think it should be removed because they consider it necessary to be 18 to get on a catwalk, and even more so on the international catwalks is not expendable, so I do not see the logic that is done in Spain. Although I must also say that would not be in favor of girls 13 or 14 years parade, but from the 16 it look good.

The question is why would a 16 year old girl and a 15 do not? Curiously, then see the models on the catwalk rises with new trends and designs that take women older than themselves.

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Fashion on the street: a crochet marching, please

Marta G crochet

The following seasons and fashions with them. The ideas that we saw for the Spring-Summer 2011 do not stay locked in a trunk but are reviewed and updated a bit to achieve and checkout again. Crochet is one of them.

Like -colored pants or colored block vary just enough to continue the fall, crochet continues to be in fashion on the street with even stronger than before .

Bite the apple and Pintat lips with Kate Spade Fall-Winter 2011/2012


If you have not set foot in the Big Apple might not know who Kate Spade and his name sound like a Chinese Chinatown, but it is not an upstart or a newcomer.

Reppy p Paradigm American style with a touch of the most girly, its shops are temples of coquetry, of retro chic, young womanhood of past decades. And his campaign at the same smell aroma. Kate loves me forever and now he has chosen to Bryce Dallas Howard for his campaign even more. Your Fall-Winter 2011/2012 campaign meets all the requirements of the firm and shows us the vanity of the firm and the most charming movie redhead. No doubt I recommend you paseéis by hurricanes and website and if you allow visas also for shopping the Big Apple.

Etam 2011/2012 Autumn-Winter lookbook: pin up style


Within lingerie, Etam is one of my favorite companies. His ultra-feminine and sophisticated proposals fall in love with me just look at them. but when you are wearing one of his sets, I love even more. This Fall-Winter 2011/2012 the company is no slouch and offers beautiful, sober and fantasy lingerie garments, in a lookbook starring the beautiful model Natalia Vodianova , who has a career enviadiable. Has your image for brands like Calvin Klein, L'Oreal, Yves Saint Laurent, Givenchy and Guerlain, and has modeled for brands such as Sonia Rykiel, Vivienne Westwood, Donna Karan and Christian Dior.

The neo sexy look for the sexiest, with proposals carved in satin and lace, are the stars of the exquisite fabric collection that takes us back to the 50 'and 60'.

El Coco cabinets: Lady Gaga launch its own line of clothing!

I'm a fan of Lady Gaga . Yes, I admit, I love that someone has so much personality and defend his swashbuckling style. But her dress, much as I like his character, do not share. And from there to launch its own collection of clothing is a long way. Very big. Mileage I'd say. But, now the most eccentric and flamboyant singer of today has decided to spend next to fashion design with his sister Natalie Germanotta.

And I wonder, what will surprise us? A full collection of stuffed animals as a dress? ¿Garbage bags and baggy pants? I do not know! But I'm quite curious, I will not deny ... According to some sources informn not want to recreate their old styles (God forbid I should go egg or meat dressed chulotenos! Although Halloween would not be wrong ...). No, what she seeks is something else.

Fashion blogs and 67: Blogs take us to halftime


The blogosphere us closer to next fall trends with their own looks. Garments easy to combine and look, if you like you can get them like the protagonists of these blogs. This is fabulous outfits chosen low cost with great pleasure.

The famous halftime we go crazy, or at least to me, never know me because either way hot or cold. Hernando Aiala shows us in his blog Just Aholic many looks and some perfect examples to be copied at this time of year. I love the cover image, fully up to date, with a pleated skirt in mustard color of Stradivarius, combined with a white shirt and burgundy shoes in Zara.

Rag & Bone Autumn-Winter 2011/2012: Christensen shoot, posing Kurkova

rag bone

Rag & Bone The firm continues to cultivate the aesthetic so beloved scruffy new campaign for its line of Jean. On this occasion, have focused on the do it yourself or I what I dish it as two models of prestige: Helena Christensen and Karolina Kurkova at either side of the lens.

The German Helena Christensen has portrayed the universe with his camera carefree and young firm hand of the top Karolina Kurkova . The resulting images of the Autumn-Winter 2011/2012 Rag & Bone has a very homemade aesthetic that I like. What about you?

How about this campaign so unique?

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Fall Accessories

accesorios del otoño Vivan fall accessories! I love hats, gloves, scarves ... And they are super in fashion this Fall 2011 ! Many of last year's trends continue, but there are a lot new you can not miss it!

If you want to be the first to wear the new fashion accessories will not miss the best compilation of the accessories fall!

Fashion collections are here, and with them their accessories this fall! You'll see plenty of trends because they are fashion accessories, but there are some that will make it the most!

accesorios del otoño
Pull & Bear Accessories


Animals are most accessories, especially in rings and pendants.

accesorios del otoño Touched Zara Pull & Bear Bracelet


As we have seen the leopard and snake prints are flooding all included accessories!

accesorios del otoño
Chloe Accessories


If there is something that I love are the ties! Put them in dancing, bags, rings and hair!

accesorios del otoño Miu Miu


Buy yourself some glitter halls this fall. It is a basic accessory your wardrobe ;) .

accesorios del otoño Bracelet Necklace White Pull & Bear

Accessories XL:

Following the trends of recent years are continuing large attachments, especially bracelets and necklaces.

accesorios del otoño

Asos necks and Bimba y Lola


Artificial necks are another novelty imposed. Dare!

How about new trends in accessories fall?

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Fall 2011 Hairstyles

Peinados otoño 2011 The trends in hairstyles for 2011 are several that tone! Braid coming back hard but better not take her side because the tendency is to drop it centered with a disheveled, romantic air, will also be much herringbone braid and collected braids.

Another novelty is that returns from the renowned short hair short bob up, is that this male hair air already in the street and will weigh more than ever.

In fall 2011 will carry both parted in the middle and side, simulating bangs, wear loose as both collected.

Another collected from the time the queue will be low and bows and collected volume.

Fall 2011 Hairstyles

Peinados otoño 2011

New braids fall 2011!

To get the best is to use extensions clip!

Peinados otoño 2011

Short hair is one of the hairstyles and cuts in!

Peinados otoño 2011

The parting

Peinados otoño 2011

The line side

Peinados otoño 2011

The new bob

Peinados otoño 2011

The low ponytail

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Luxury Tiffany & Co, by Paloma Picasso

Paloma Picasso

Luxury is within reach of very few. We always see how celebrities look beautiful jewels on the red carpet in high-end firms, only suitable for exclusive pockets. Still did not want to share with you all the new collection of Paloma Picasso for Tiffany & Co, which has fascinated me, sure that some of our readers can afford it.

Its many treasures create a magical atmosphere I wanted to capture in my jewelry

French designer Paloma Picasso has created a new jewelry collection called Fall-Winter 2011/2012 Venezia, inspired in its entirety in this city, one of the most magical of the world. Through his travels, Paloma Picasso designs incorporated into their art and culture of many exotic

For Target Missoni, Margherita Missoni speech on video

I like when I explain everything calmly and well detailed. Something simple and to the general public, it should be. So I was glad to see the new video that Target has launched a result of the collaboration with Missoni for an exclusive collection. No poses, no language "cool" ...

Margherita Missoni Maccapani , daughter of Angela Missoni, creative director of the Italian firm, is who calmly explains the history of the brand of your family, how were the beginnings and subsequent years he experienced success with the boom Italian films and they triumphed in the United States and Britain.

Film Fashion (IV): The Royal Tenenbaums


Any film "indie" worth his salt has a unique costume. A careful costume design, different and special. The film of which we speak today is one of those movies that almost stands out most is the clothing worn by the characters. "The Royal Tenenbaums" is a little gem freak. Read on and feel free to infect you a bit of madness The Royal Tenenbaums

New York Fashion Week Spring 2012

New York Fashion Week septiembre 2011 Want to know what design is part of New York Fashion Week Spring 2012? As each year comes multimplican September and parades! A few days before the Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week, New York opens its doors to the new spring summer collections 2012! Eight intense days in which from daily reports to you that we do not miss the catwalk at New York Fashion Week!

The New York Fashion Week has become for many the most important event in the fashion industry. Its impact is global, and it trendsetters girls pray to occupy the forefront of companies such as Michael Kors or Vera Wang (and no wonder!).

Do not miss the timing of the New York Fasion Week Spring 2012!

Calendar New York Fashion Week Spring 2012

Thursday September 8, 2011

Nicholas K

Porter Grey


Richard Chai


Tadashi Shoji


Friday September 9, 2011


Project Runway

Electric Feathers

Luca Luca

General Idea

Rebecca Taylor

Mara Hoffman

Helen Yarmak

Tommy Hilfiger men's

Nicole Miller

Joy Cioci

Concept Korea

Cynthia Rowley

Academy of Art University

Falguni & Shane Peacock

Saturday September 10, 2011



Pink Tartan

Jill Stuart

Juang are WNA


Vivienne Tam

Farah Angsana


Charlotte Ronson

Monique Lhuillier

Rafael Cennamo

Eva Minge


Sunday September 11, 2011

Katya Leonovich

Lela Rose

Derek Lam


Tracy Reese


Diane Von Furstenberg

Jen Kao


Odd Molly

Custo Barcelona

Tommy Hilfiger

Timo Weiland

Monday September 12, 2011

Jenny Packham

Lillibelle Callula

Carolina Herrera

Carlos Miele

Rebecca Minkoff

Pamella Roland

Donna Karan New York

Wu-Qingquing Vlov


Ambrose Nomran

Betsey Johnson


Perry Ellis

Tuesday September 13, 2011

Michael Angel

Tory Burch

J. Crew

Badgley Mischka

Zang Toi

Diesel Black Gold

Mohapatra Bibhy

Hervé Léger by Max Azria

Argentine Designers



Narciso Rodriguez

Bad Breton

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Michael Kors

Nanette Lepore

J. Mendel


Chado Ralph Rucci

Milly by Michelle Smith


Anna Sui

Juan Carlos Obando

Elie Tahari

Michael B. America

Thursday September 15, 2011

Ralph Lauren


Sergio Davila

Calvinklein Collection

Made in Africa: by Arise Magazine

Elene Classis

Naeem Khan

Do you often see the New York Fasion Week? What designers do you prefer?

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Mango clothing

Ropa de Mango del otoño 2011 We analyze the new autumn winter collection 2011 2012 and Mango clothing to hunting for new clothes, accessories and more interesting trends to not miss the best of their new season!

And, as you can see in the new catalog Mango fall 2011 this store has clothing IT news and you can not miss in your wardrobe to create outfits that are fashionable : P .

Mango clothing style is masculine and the blazer, the new print fashion are the stars, gold and metallic clothing, military-style coats, dresses triangular, etc. How about this collection of Mango clothes?

Mango Clothing Fall Winter 2011 2012

Ropa de Mango del otoño 2011 The male and tuxedo look is trendy! And one of their main pieces to wear it are the tuxedo-style blazers with those soplapas fine. This costs 69.95 Mango jacket. Ropa de Mango del otoño 2011

A new feature in party dresses are those with a triangular cut that are ideal for highlighting your waist and hips disguise. This silk sleeve dress with ruffles crossed on the shoulders is ideal for a special event. Cost 159.95 it is expensive but very cute!

Ropa de Mango del otoño 2011
The star print and sequins is one of the most IT fall winter 2011 2012. Handle This shirt costs 29.95.
Ropa de Mango del otoño 2011 Gold is one of the trends of fall 2011 that is being repeated in all stores, and one of the most Oror garments are carried Cigarette! Here are the proposed ETSA rockier IT by Mango clothing, which cost 59.95 euros.
Ropa de Mango del otoño 2011
Another new fall 2011 in Mango are the clothes that blend fabrics, patchwork style, like this American or blazer from 59.99 euros, having the sleeves and lapels in leatherette.
Ropa de Mango del otoño 2011 Coats are quilted anorak and type of developments in outerwear coat, one of the fashion coats , I honestly do not quite convince me ... In many coats handle this type. We must recognize that they are comfortable, lightweight and very warm! This model costs 99.95.

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Zara wedge boots

Botines cuña de Zara del otoño 2011 Here you have new boots wedge Zara, a trendy alternative to boots with heels as thin vertigo are fashionable and can not all these heights and less stilettos. You can see more Zara boots and white boots !

This fall winter 2011 2012 carried wedge boots with laces and dairy ante. It also comes with zip wedge boots, moccasin and blucher style, we style masculine style and mountaineering boots.

Also in Zara is a wedge boots that I love, I think I'll have to go try them because I have very good looking and I think will be a great buy because they all : P and are fairly well priced!

Zara wedge boots Botines cuña de Zara del otoño 2011

Wedge boots with laces Zara Trafaluc 35.95 (wedge measures 6.5 cm.) In nude tone.

Botines cuña de Zara del otoño 2011

Wedge boots with laces Zara Trafaluc 35.95 (wedge measures 6.5 cm.) Black.
Botines cuña de Zara del otoño 2011

Booties or shoe type Bluchers Woman Zara oxford 69.95 (12.5 cms.).

Botines cuña de Zara del otoño 2011

Boots with zipper sophisticated style of Zara Woman 59.95 (9.8 cms.).

Botines cuña de Zara del otoño 2011
Wedge boots and laces inspired as mountain sport, is a model that is going to look pretty in the stores! 59.95 (8.5 cms.)
Botines cuña de Zara del otoño 2011
Zara wedge boots in green and at 59.95 (9.8 cms.)
Botines cuña de Zara del otoño 2011
Zara wedge boots in nude and to 59.95 (9.8 cms.)

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