Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Accessorize catalog Fall-Winter 2011/2012: Peru to the Taj Mahal, reserve the glacier


Supplements do not have nothing accessory. Years ago, every trip to London was forced to visit several temples of fashion for younger or daring: Top shop was one of them, Selfridges Accesorize another and another. Impossible to get out of these stores, their Oxford St mega space, with no detail or full of whims bolsaza. And if you do not find it here, did not find it anywhere.

Now all, or nearly all, are in our country and the cool thing as less (not to mention the little mole buy something in the Top Shop in London at the turn of pounds and reach exorbitant topártelo in Spain and showcase half). The phenomenon of compulsive buying firms in other countries, does not only happen in London if not what about New York and visits required to Urban Outfitters or Anthropologie?

However the proximity facilitates our whims and even more if we choose to see and sit on our couch while reading Jared and Autumn-Winter 2011/2012 Catalog of Accessorize.

Preppy girl


They like luxury, snake prints, better yet, the whole becomes true and the gold, the myrrh, and the elegant style of upper-class women or mothers. Preppy trend is more in vogue than ever and shows us how to complement Accesorize.

Nordic Mist


Fifth Avenue we go to the pole, or at least we dress as if we were to see Santa and advance our gifts. Eskimo hats, wool as thick, mottled wool mittens ...


Earmuffs ... it looks so unless someone who lives in New York? What is one thought that climate change had pushed the cups to Aspen and the streets of Manhattan in February. In any case, I love proposals. Together and separately.


Some favorite proposals is a more poppy version of the Ugg, to be getting married or going out to boogie.

Rhythm of the night


For women who like to dress New Year's Eve on any night of full moon, for those who love the golds and silvers, bronzes and glitter, rhinestones and glitter the false as false as those of Accessorize, but what we ask for those prices.


Why not, the clutch is your bag, and the maxi rings your favorite accessory.



Brigitte Bardot is your favorite actress and looks in Nice or the coast, their favorites. Moles, red, black, white and femininity of the first 60 in a beautiful picture.



Isabel Marant and we already told in our top 5 trends for the winter.

In Jared | Autumn-Winter Trends 2012:top 5 for fashionistas who do not comlican, minor Affairs, Urban Outfitters reported by selling the image of a minor

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