Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Alexa Chung video for Madewell with new collection

Alexa Chung tine a particular style that generates as many divisions as passions. I am the latter, something that I note the minimum distance. I love how she manages to convey class and personality with every look, something that Madewell know very well.

After their first collaboration last year , Britain repeated with a new collection for Fall-Winter 2011/2012 which we have a new video in the form of progress.

The video was recorded in Austin, Texas and has what we see in stores from September 22. 12 new pieces Alexa Chung looks happy. A special beauty and a way to convey a distinct style he manages to defend with a wool cap like red dress naive. Do not try to do at home.

Will point, shirts, hats, masculine style, moles, romantic blouses, air sites ... there will be Alexa Chung's style, of course.

Via | New York Times
Official Site | Madewell
In Jared | Alexa is back! The first image of his second collection for Madewell
In Jared | Alexa Chung Madewell repeated for Fall-Winter 2011/2012: advancing the collection

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