Friday, August 26, 2011

Although we do not want ... The tips are here!


Yes, last year threatened to arrival spontaneously and occasionally appearing in stores, but their arrival has already been made ​​formal. We welcome the shoes on top. Why come to settle in our lives, and for a long time ... So much so that firms high level and low-cost (all!) Are the leading models in their collections.

So if you're that deeply hate these shoes (I join you!), We will not begin reading this article because you may fear you from, panic and sadness. And if you're of that love, you are in luck! This season will find the perfect model for your outfits. What team are you?

The luxury versions ...

All signatures upscale models have been designed with this feature so unique. Many companies that have surrendered to this tip: Yves Saint Laurent, Christian Louboutin, Charlotte Olympia, Pierre Hardy, Jimmy Choo, Chloé, Versace, Ralph Lauren ... Shall I continue or you see yourselves?


If you want, you have them

The fashionista's paradise on a budget, that is Zara, have already filled all their windows and shelves with a myriad of models finished in top. Boots, boots, ballerinas, Pumps ... This is an achievement and the rest is nonsense! Luckily not the only type of shoes there and have thought about the other ...


Mango And although not yet available for all models, so we know there will be many: in the last parade he organized with the occasion of the 080 Barcelona Fashion saw a great variety of them. And to say the stumbling of the models (one even took off) comfortable not going to be ...


The British firm could not be less Topshop: retro, vintage and boots are her collection so special and cool. Do you do one of these?


And how could it be otherwise Asos online firm also has been left blinded by the glitter tips ... Version, oxford or lounge. Here anything goes!


And you, you let go with the 'charm' of these shoes?

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