Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Are you under 16? You may not post

Catwalk models

The scene would be like this:

- Hello, I wanted to get on the catwalk.
- Sure, taught me the identity card?
- Yes, take it.
- Miss, I am afraid that this card is false and can not enter, sorry.
- But 15 years and am all woman!

And so a tantrum, crying and taking security the poor girl out there. I laugh not to mourn. It's funny to talk now ask for the ID card in the true fashion week in New York because they are casting 15 year old girls posing as 16.

These criticisms have not sit well to the great Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA), with Diane von Furstenberg forward as president. So much so that have been released until a statement (not that be anything new today). They speak in the next edition will review carefully these cards the same day of the show as long as they do not cheat.

This typical scene of a club wishing to enter with the kids playing with professionals who parade showcasing new designs for each signature. Professionals who at 16 years and seem to be prepared but not at 15. All to avoid cases like Hailey Clauson (Furstenberg paraded for 15 years) in the end they just exploded in front of the face when they reach the public .

These agencies have already accepted the rules not to send models under 16 to auditions (DNA, Elite, Ford, IMG, Marilyn, New York, Next, One, Supreme, Trump, Wilhelmina, and Women) but the problem does not work there. Designers like Michael Kors talk about the problem of the models come from Eastern Europe all saying in unison that are 16 years old when asked his age.

On this issue retrieve words Alejandra Alonso left us a few months ago in an interview :

Yes there was paraded before the problem if I had not the majority. I think it should be removed because they consider it necessary to be 18 to get on a catwalk, and even more so on the international catwalks is not expendable, so I do not see the logic that is done in Spain. Although I must also say that would not be in favor of girls 13 or 14 years parade, but from the 16 it look good.

The question is why would a 16 year old girl and a 15 do not? Curiously, then see the models on the catwalk rises with new trends and designs that take women older than themselves.

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