Thursday, August 25, 2011

August Trafaluc Zara Fall 2011 collection: mixtures breakthrough, young style

Zara Trafaluc

Looking ahead, carefree attitude and background study. Everything to welcome the new lookbook Zara Trafaluc August. As usual in the signing of Inditex, comes at the end of the month, like the lookbook Zara , so do not worry about ideas not suitable for heat, we here at halftime rather than on the beach.

Zara's young line retains its image in both informal and in the clothes, which does not take away that there are good ideas. This latest release I like more than the first mark.

Metallization Now

Zara metal Trafaluc

More metal for this fall that will not stop the machine that arrived this summer is going to remain quite active in a wide variety of garments. And if it is cross-shaped silver miniskirt best combined with a jersey knit in a bright orange to 29.95 euros.

Zara Golden Trafaluc

Even if there is a metallic color that is to win gold. Takes the cake when it comes to occupy more clothes. Mini-skirts are adjusted for 22.95 euros mixed by naive cut blouses (for 22.95 euros) with moles, and transparencies also repeating season .

Zara Blazer Trafaluc

It is a perfect style for the party, especially but sure many are already pointing to other times. We add white and black as the basic look and we have the outline done.

Zara TRF metal military Pants

The most curious mix is what we see with this whole shabby military that we add gold pants (29.95 euros). Clearly, the eager military-style emerges in the form of generous parkas but from there to a mixture like this ... The shirt (15.95 euros) better left aside.

Lace here, lace over there

TRF Zara Lace

Curious mastering both fit in the new Zara Trafaluc lookbook. I did not expect to see much. Well in short blue dress, leaving aside the summer and go blank page with autumn in mind.

Top Romantic Zara TRF

Although there is also a white top dose romantic sound, while the slides sideways.

Zara TRF red jacket

But then to see several young looks is something that clashes. Especially in this black and red together, an idea that will win another season. The red leather jackets are must-buy. This Zara for 79.95 euros.

A round with pictures

Pictures Zara TRF

That if the grunge comes back, the English rock, punk ... of one form or another, the more masculine pictures (shirt 25.95 euros) back to the stores but the woodcutter to the back. Of course, we are at it with the masculine style, we get also the black patent leather loafers.

Zara TRF sequins Tables

Taste of Zara impossible to mix reaches the endto incorporate the grunge style I mention sequined skirt (29.95 euros). The result is quirky to say the least ...

A paint dots

Lunar Zara TRF

The spots fill up several items, they go to party and stay for the day. There are several ideas, all very feminine. I like this white shirt black shorts combined with waxed.

Coat Zara TRF

For a short coat cold British style. Do not say this season is not the model robs man (49.95 euros).

Zara TRF Aviator

Since we are on the man aviator style coat leaves us more for the cabinet (59.95 euros) and clothing may well be Alexa Chung.

How cute is this girl always

Coat Zara TRF

For day to day, for a casual time with no pretense and with intent to always be in style. This cloth coat (69.95 euros) is perfect. Cowboys Bell (29.95 euros) will opt for the worn to the knees.

Zara TRF East

Zara continues to erre erre with oriental pattern, which does not seem to change much as the months pass. Bomber jackets or escape (29.95 euros).

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