Monday, August 29, 2011

Benetton United Colors Autumn-Winter 2011/2012: let's knit


True to campaign featuring models of all nationalities and races as possible, United Colors Benetton shows its new Autumn-Winter 2011/2012 where the color, again, is the star. The perfect campaign, the clothes, not so much, with some exceptions.

Viewing these images the new season of Benetton remains true to his style: knits, comfortable, bland and full of color, that make us forget the gray winter. But I felt a great novelty, a minimalist touch, one of the trends this season, you can see in the first picture where all proposals are orange.


Women and men who present with a military look, but very peculiar, because they really reflect is the skill of knowing how to mix pieces with soft lines on the basis of proposals point, especially knitting, combined with parkas, coats and jackets, the specialty of the house. The green, red, brown and cream colors predominate.


If your style is classic, the best option is the online New Yorker, but beware, it's a classic tale, then in the forms, but not in colors and patterns for suits and trousers, fueled by detail and bold color.


Clothing comfort translates into large wool dress and sweaters knitted unisex. Earthy colors, gray and blue color combination creates a base with red, yellow and electric blue, making us remember the summer.


The line is marked by more retro colors and casual garments grunge, I personally did not convince me. It's a style that is repeated and nothing new. Benetton course has its loyal following. I can not forget the denim, so there is always a gap.


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