Friday, August 26, 2011

The book of fashion week: Tattoos

This week we offer an ideal book for anyone thinking about choosing your first tattoo. When someone makes the decision to paint your skin will always be reviewed images, drawings and even fonts.

But this book fashion week, Tattoos, published by Taschen not only help choosing a tattoo is not vulgar, but explores the history of art, from simple and classic designs of the sailors to the complex body patterns. The authors, Henk Riemschneider Burkhard Schiffmacher and do a great overview from the earliest drawings indigenous tribal iconography and oriental fonts, ending with current trends in this body painting ultimately become fashionable.

The tattoos as a fashion


In just a few years, tattoos have gone from being marginal and people related to low tow, to a fashion that gets people very diverse group with a common ideal: to turn his body into a canvas of art, such as Rick Genest model. The fashion of tattooing the body has reached the catwalk, not in vain for two seasons Chanel made a collection of drawings, though, temporary, and undoubtedly another Chanel dress more affordable.


I loved tattoos, but I like even more to follow trends. I get bored quickly of the pictures, the stripes of any new pattern. So with a tattoo I would like the clothes: there are things that I end up tired, and gift or keep waiting for his return after a few years. Also, I have fear of needles, pain, antibiotics upset me and I spend my review if I have new freckle or mark produced by the sun ... how is it that while I like both tattoos?

And you, Do you like tattoos?

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