Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Cloning, cloning, money I win. Mango and Miu Miu-mania


I will be direct and honest. What you think of the clones to an armed robbery without penalty possible, but not correct nonsense and introduced as the title, a clone, cloning, I'm going lining. True, who purchased the collection of Prada's weird is that you buy, or even touch his clone Baratero and made ​​in Taiwan and that Miuccia Prada and her talent does not take away the bread more than the crisis and that women of sheiks Marchesa Arabs prefer now.

But is it lawful for several brands and their owners, heirs, boards are being lined with the design of another? And if a foreign design that haunts these thieves of a pencil and pantone in mind, is the Prada and Miu Miu her little sister. We have here one of the first clones ...


Y is for Mango Fall-Winter 2011/2012.

In an ever patidifusa has left nothing to be done, that the holdups are the light of day, advertised and not stolen anything hidden and do not report it. And if a blogger, whose image has been stolen and used to own property, ossa decirloy shout denounce why not a large firm? Different case is a medium or small firm that does not have or can not the devil entrentarse cloner. By the way, I definitely recommend the post by my colleague Chloe about it .

And you what do you think of the clones?

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