Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Duel of bodies (in lingerie) to death: Gisele vs. Adriana Lima


That Gisele has a body to die and pacemakers is no new news. That is one top either. And the tops appear to be from another world, with bodies of goddesses that neither time nor damaged pregnancies is another. In fact, today we will talk about two, and more, tops but they are two well modelazas which many millions of dollars of revenue are mothers.

We talk about Gisele Bundchen and Adriamed Lima, in this special mourning their bodies posed new campaigns. His new campaigns are stylish and skimpy clothes, the Burlesque Gisele for the signature line of Hope and Adriana Lima to The Show Stopper's new line of Victoria's Secret is also involving Erin Heatherton and Candice Swanepoel.

Victoria's Secret


One thing is clear to us as well as his image of Lima Adriamed for the new collection of Victoria's Secret is that a top is a top and does not need tricks, makeup or ornaments or exaggerated style. Only his face and body.


Victoria's Secret collection shows a seamless, perfect to go down without showing, but if you want to show is so refined and sophisticated as the most precious Chantilly lace.


There is no doubt that Victoria's Secret garments leave everything in place but their models are distinguished precisely by not needing to be placed at all. In this case, a patterned cashmere bra very 70's.


The turquoise and Klein have been one of the summer colors, teal blue is the winter as I warn you in our top 5 trends for the winter. The U.S. firm has decided that despite the cold autumnal colors fill our outer garments, our interior remains the most sophisticated and most ceilings with a beautiful spring blue Caribbean Sea.

Burlesque by Hope


Again, a top, again a beautiful picture.


A little lace here, a bit more leopard there.


Beautiful posture, natural makeup, hair ... As in Victoria, Burlesque Hope Collection has decided that the face, hair and body of Gisele is your brand and what it sells better why maquilar, cover, disguise ? victoriasecrettheshowstoppercollection4.jpg

We started with the image that introduces us to the collection of the firm Burlesque Hope, designs that have helped Brazil's more saucy and whose partner, Tom Brady, the duo seems to create more dollars generated each year. And we end with presenting the new collection of Victoria's.

Are we left with Hope or Victoria's Secret?

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