Friday, August 26, 2011

The effect Kate and Pippa Middleton: celebrities clone your wedding at the wedding of the year in USA


These days are held in the country of the stars and stripes wedding of the year, Kim Kardashian, that this country of ours is largely unknown but that has taken over from Jessica Simpson and she, like her family are meat, very bulky for their curves, cover day in and day out.

Kim Kardashian is a celebrity and celebrity has become his family following the wake of its most popular member and we know the intimacies of their cat or dog and that Horan has to pee. Neither one nor the other of interest to the writer but the world of Farandole so and in this country like the cases we have them jugs Kardashian.

What we were going. This posh wedding and followed by all American worth his salt to like gossip and every American who boasts of liking the silicone has been the extent to which Kate and Pippa Middleton effect has wreaked havoc with very famous guests wearing the same Pippa dress and more, much more ...


On the one hand the bridesmaids copied the style in which the sister of Kate Middleton hit the royal wedding and the other Lindsay Lohan wore the same dress she wore for Pippa's wedding reception.

The model was originally created by Lindsay Temperley for Pippa, who requested to design the dress for the reception of the royal wedding in London last April. According to the firm itself, that dress was not given to Lindsay but bought it at the store located in Los Angeles.

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