Wednesday, August 31, 2011

El Coco cabinets: Lady Gaga launch its own line of clothing!

I'm a fan of Lady Gaga . Yes, I admit, I love that someone has so much personality and defend his swashbuckling style. But her dress, much as I like his character, do not share. And from there to launch its own collection of clothing is a long way. Very big. Mileage I'd say. But, now the most eccentric and flamboyant singer of today has decided to spend next to fashion design with his sister Natalie Germanotta.

And I wonder, what will surprise us? A full collection of stuffed animals as a dress? ¿Garbage bags and baggy pants? I do not know! But I'm quite curious, I will not deny ... According to some sources informn not want to recreate their old styles (God forbid I should go egg or meat dressed chulotenos! Although Halloween would not be wrong ...). No, what she seeks is something else.

They want to recreate legendary outfits from the film and interpretation such as the white dress, low cut, flowing from Marilyn Monroe. What is clear is that all their fans, known as 'little monsters', should be jumping for joy and saving to have a bit of a star in his closet. To me this collection give me more fear than the Coco ...

Source | La Vanguardia
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