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Elle magazine celebrates 25 years in Spain: their best covers

elle October 1989

One of the best-selling fashion magazines in Spain and the world celebrates 25 years in our country. Elle magazine recently celebrated with a party that sounded the best of the picture came Spanish fashion, actresses, models, bullfighters, designers and bloggers ... And for the month of October (the magazine will be released on 20 September with over 500 pages) promises a number of special birthday celebration is going to be very special (pun intended).

For now, we can enjoy on their website of all their covers, some really iconic fashion names such as Claudia Schiffer, Linda Evangelista, Yasmin le Bon, Cindy Crawford, Naomi Campbell, with actresses like Penelope Cruz and Paz Vega, singers, socialites, and much, much, style.

elle January 1998

It's nice to go cover to cover and reacquaint yourself with these so familiar faces and see how time has passed for them, as it has changed the fashion, style, colors, fonts, themes (although some less so). Many covers are a true reflection of the reality of the time and 25 years are many. Everything has happened.

80's cult of the body and hair combed.

July 1987 elle

The phenomenon of the 90 top models, with most covers with close-ups that focus on the face because the signature of the model was almost more important than clothes (now on the other hand, models or actresses who are on duty Home always show some outfit, brands want to cash).

elle January 1990

The 90 and minimalism (and eyebrows waxed too, even so, what is beautiful Penelope Cruz ).

elle January 1997

And the 2000 with the great expansion of national names in Hollywood.

elle January 2005

We can see ex-partners together (Naomi and Joaquin, how did that talk at the time).

elle April 1997

And enjoy great Spanish model Nieves Álvarez as Veronica Blume, Laura Ponte, Eugenia Silva, Judith or masks that are succeeding in the Spanish fashion as if they do not spend years as they have gained in experience, tables, style, and youth with the supplement more than giving the old virtues. Almost to young models is difficult to see that removed Spanish space in magazines and publishers.

elle January 2000

Elle has always had the ability to bring together exceptional models and has always strived to try to innovate and striking covers (as usual since December issue with Swarovski crystals). So we hope to continue to enjoy these covers.

To pass many more, Elle!.

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