Friday, August 26, 2011

Goths are back! At least Vogue Italy Stella Tennant

Vogue Italia Tennat

Fear, a lot. What become goths? No, please. No return to the dark and gloomy Prada a few seasons ago, all in black. Let's keep pushing the color just a little bit, this season holds between us and that is appreciated.

The next cover of Vogue Italy for September issue is scary, not the image itself, also (work of Steven Meisel who has stayed at home to portray Stella Tennant of such form), but by the attempt to boost trend "avant-garde" (is this so?) for the coming months.

Total black gothic or modern looking grim, as I get that I do not care. Okay still retrieve related past, as in this case to Ethel Granger and his famous corset world record was 33 inches off my waist, but then to give strength to the uncomfortable corset (this Deborah Milner) on a coat, coincidentally, Prada, there is a good difference. And yet the latest Autumn-Winter 2011/2012 Prada is not going for these shots.

The cover itself I like Stella Tennant is perfect for the role of cold dark woman. I love the detail of the scissors and the way you have decorated with a face full of piercings, which is also characteristic of Ethel Granger, as I learn from Vogue Italia.

But only hope that it stays in style, in a strange home.

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