Monday, August 29, 2011

Jadore Charlize Theron and her new campaign for Dior


Impossible not to adore Charlize Theron, and their two campaigns and Jadore is what we owe allegiance. Troubled childhood and maturity brilliant, I can think Theron as one of the best options if you want to sell luxury, femininity and power. Because she is strong with his legs that walk LF powerful as we showed in the previous announcement (thing boded well in the first Martini ad girl and certainly has walked farther than expected).

This time it seems that no Theron undresses, takes off her jewelry, her dress and heels infarction dream to go into a bathroom, temple worshiped by many knights, but we see it in a style that runs between Paris and The New Yorker.


The framework speaks of luxury, of gold and myrrh, of palaces of princesses ... but there appears to Charlize Theron: no gowns, no flowers or femininities gauze decorated with just a cowboy and a vee-neck sweater.


But the Theron jeans and heels that left him couture dress the rest of mortals sublime. We look forward to the rest of the images that are sure to also worship. We only lack one thing, Keanu Reeves, his new partner. Is he looking in the corners? Or seeks his princess dress Oscar with that epater the gathering that attended the dance?

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