Sunday, August 28, 2011

Kling Catalog Fall 2011: reinventing Twiggy

kling Fall 2011

What Twiggy traveling time machine from the 60's until today, Kling recover the spirit of freedom, transgression and joie de vivre (you may sometimes thanks to LSD) of the late pop par excellence. Bright colors, collars and a thousand baby clothes to face the fall with good humor.

Dresses and tops are decorated with moles, loops, large buttons, and flyers to forget the boredom. The truth is that the trends of the season marry perfectly with the style of this brand, which always bet so naive.

Recovered point forward and coats if they are to be as beautiful as these that we propose Kling. We add a few cheerful accessories, lace booties and we have the perfect style.

Fall 2011 catalog kling

I've loved the layers in every color imaginable, and patterned stockings to finish off the look with plain clothes. As I said that success of the 80 I fell in love with the youth fashion, in love with you ...

kling catalog Fall 2011 2

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