Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Mango clothing

Ropa de Mango del otoño 2011 We analyze the new autumn winter collection 2011 2012 and Mango clothing to hunting for new clothes, accessories and more interesting trends to not miss the best of their new season!

And, as you can see in the new catalog Mango fall 2011 this store has clothing IT news and you can not miss in your wardrobe to create outfits that are fashionable : P .

Mango clothing style is masculine and the blazer, the new print fashion are the stars, gold and metallic clothing, military-style coats, dresses triangular, etc. How about this collection of Mango clothes?

Mango Clothing Fall Winter 2011 2012

Ropa de Mango del otoño 2011 The male and tuxedo look is trendy! And one of their main pieces to wear it are the tuxedo-style blazers with those soplapas fine. This costs 69.95 Mango jacket. Ropa de Mango del otoño 2011

A new feature in party dresses are those with a triangular cut that are ideal for highlighting your waist and hips disguise. This silk sleeve dress with ruffles crossed on the shoulders is ideal for a special event. Cost 159.95 it is expensive but very cute!

Ropa de Mango del otoño 2011
The star print and sequins is one of the most IT fall winter 2011 2012. Handle This shirt costs 29.95.
Ropa de Mango del otoño 2011 Gold is one of the trends of fall 2011 that is being repeated in all stores, and one of the most Oror garments are carried Cigarette! Here are the proposed ETSA rockier IT by Mango clothing, which cost 59.95 euros.
Ropa de Mango del otoño 2011
Another new fall 2011 in Mango are the clothes that blend fabrics, patchwork style, like this American or blazer from 59.99 euros, having the sleeves and lapels in leatherette.
Ropa de Mango del otoño 2011 Coats are quilted anorak and type of developments in outerwear coat, one of the fashion coats , I honestly do not quite convince me ... In many coats handle this type. We must recognize that they are comfortable, lightweight and very warm! This model costs 99.95.

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