Monday, August 29, 2011

McQ Alexander McQueen Fall-Winter 2011/2012 Do we have the former or the latter?


Alexander McQueen and Joan of Arc have several things in common: both are martyrs, a very different condition and both had a tragic end. Can that be the reason that the image of Joan of Arc is the first I have come to mind when contemplating the Autumn-Winter 2011/2012 campaign in the first line?

The first lines are as old older siblings were: first, those who study, who inherited the titles and references, the most successful. In few second fashion lines, if any, have surpassed their older siblings (Do we the exception of Prada and Miu Miu, both always enrollment?)

Like John, Alexander is no longer present, but the memory is continuous and undying hope. Savage Beauty From the Met exhibition, certainly among the 10 most-watched history in the museum, to models that ultimately gives McQueen about looking to the Duchess of Cambridge day in and day out.

From all this we rejoice, especially looking at his new campaign to show that the witness has given the right way and at least in this case, it works but so does the second line?

David Sims is the photographer of the first line and the ubiquitous Raquel Zimmermann, the model that seems lit by a kind of external force as Jane, makes invincible. Hopefully the scepter of the firm, given to Sarah Burton unexpectedly and never desired to be just as invincible and last.

The site created digitally do not you remember a little to dark and dark forests and mountains of The Lord of the Rings?

However the second line is another story, rather another stitch. We saw the campaign and now we show you the lookbook. More british, plus sixty, more urban, more rock and pop ... more, well, desirable if we are not the red carpet?

In Jared | Karen Rachel and I can be your friend ¿(and live in the world of Lanvin?) , Alexander McQueen Fall-Winter 2011/2012. Raquel Zimmermann as the new queen

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