Saturday, August 27, 2011

The most desired black dresses are called name is Miguel Palacio and Hoss Intropia

miguel Intropia palacio2 hoss

¿You go to the hunt for the perfect black dress at night?, Then stop looking, this season will find Hoss Intropia the design of Miguel Palacio. One of our best designers join the fashion chain in a party collection designed to offer many elegant looks and personality.

Above all, there are many little black dresses, a staple which should always be in a closet because it will save you from many situations Help! I have nothing to wear, but there are also long dresses, and dresses in burgundy, navy, bottle green, charcoal, etc.. Many draped overhead as we saw in the parade of Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week .

There is no shortage sets cigarette pants with tops at night, a group that intimate Miguel Palacio Laura Ponte overboard and over again. The capsule collection ends with several accessories such as belts and clutches.

Miguel Palacio Intropia hoss

Yes, the prices are not affordable at all, must walk more than 500 euros. Finally, a long-term investment, though few will be encouraged to pay as much for fashion designer of upscale Spanish. In this country seem to prefer paying for things foreign that do not pay for ours.

miguel Intropia palacio3 hoss

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