Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The prince is looking for you on your shoe. Jason Wu is a Fall-Winter 2011/2012, you will find


I love shoes, accessories complement least of all. But shoes, such as clothing or fruit, are of all qualities, designs and shades. How can relegate the garment that made the Prince found his Cinderella? Many times we leave the shoe to the end, like a practical element ornamental or fashionista. Big mistake and shows a button.

Today I present the Autumn-Winter 2011/2012 by Jason Wu and though brief and somewhat repetitive has several very supportive.

What if we pusiésemos some jean shorts, medium thick, a wool sweater and boots with rhinestones and wool of the first image? Well, despite our look, except for shoes, it cost us 15 euros in total, the whole image transmit two things:


First, they may have spent so much on your clothes and in your shoes (even though you know that is low cost but very low). Second, you'll go as ideal as a baby doll dress by Marc Jacobs, a matching headdress, mittens, a coat and a touch Robin Hood Navajo. That is, just as fashionista.


Another thing is to put on these heels that have one thing in favor and one against: for the model has an internal platform that counteracts a little heel height. Cons: this heel is all im-po-si-ble because not only is high but where very fine spaghetti.


I'm not saying that Carrie Bradshaw does not get it perfectly calm down the street and run like a gazelle 14 but the rest of the mortals?


But talk about a collection of designer and design has on occasion if so, somewhat impossible for the fashion crazy to wacky heights.


Special case is that of women who buy fashion pieces almost like works of art do not you have thought that a shoe Prada perfume Gaultier sunglasses D & G are quite impossible but I love how they look in your closet / bathroom / cobbler like a mere object of decoration?


Jason Wu has managed to combine in the same collection models that appear from different countries: this at hand I would definitely say that belongs to a New Yorker, while the first, say, an Italian.


Nothing in, nothing half, all high. Why is it that men always do when designing in impossibly high? Do you owe the fact that they never have a heel?


Beautiful colors, luxurious amenities, but also lasts risky business and high heels, very fine.

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